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asp, odbc and oracle [message #367632] Thu, 20 May 1999 18:45
Bill Pierce
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From our developer:

Active Server Pages (ASP) and Oracle Stored procedures(OSPs).

Presently we are using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to retrieve record sets from the Oracle Database.
The current situation is that I have been unable to obtain record sets from Oracle _procedures_
when I specify both input and output parameters! I have followed the methodology that Microsoft recommends for obtaining record sets using ADO Database objects,
but I have been unsuccessful in extending their example to our code base. Every time I attempt to
retrieve a record set (using plsql Tables, per Microsoft's recommendation) the MS Internet Information Server throws an exception and must be restarted.

any suggestions?

Oracle recommends a different method of integrating ASP and Oracle Stored
using Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O). I have not traveled down this path, as
I would prefer
to maintain only one middleware product. If you would like for me to use
OO4O in addition
to the ODBC methodology, I can traverse that route. I will also continue to
research the
way to get ADO and ASP to work with OSPs. Until a method that works
consistently and
reliably without causing the Web server to throw an exception is found, I
would recommend that we
continue using the current code base in which the SQL statements are passed
to the Oracle Database
via ADO and Microsoft's ODBC for Oracle Middleware.
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