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Ananth K.T
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I'm preparing for OCP & registered my 1Z0-024 exam on the next week.I refered some dumps & i found different answers for the following questions.Can you please give me the correct answers for the following .

1) What should be two goals when tuning rollback segments (Choose two)?

a. Transactions should never wait for access to the rollback segment.
b. No transaction, however large or exceptional, should ever run out of rollback space.
c. Rollback segments should be configured to extend continually during normal processing.
d. The ratio of waits to rollback segment header blocks should be less than 5% of
the sum of access.

2). Which statement about improving the performance of the database buffer cache by creating multiple buffer pools is true?

a. The KEEP buffer pool must also be deferred if the RECYCLE pool is defined.
b. The buffer pool for an object can be set explicitly only at object creation time.
c. The blocks from an object without an explicitly set buffer pool go into the RECYCLE pool.
d. Buffer pools are assigned to a segment, so options with multiple segments can have blocks in multiple buffer pools

3) Which three statements regarding the SECONDS_IN_WAIT value for the log buffer space event in the V$SESSION_WAIT view are true? (Choose Three)

a. A SECONDS_IN_WAIT value close to zero is ideal.
b. A nonzero value in the SECONDS_IN_WAIT may indicate disk I/O contention on the redo log files.
c. The SECONDS_IN_WAIT value of the log buffer space event indicates time spent waiting for space in the redo log buffer.
d. A nonzero value in the SECONDS_IN_WAIT may be an indication that the redo log buffers are too large and log switches are not occurring fast enough.

4) Which class of data describes to Oracle Expert how the database is used in daily operations?

a. Schema class
b. Workload class
c. Instance class
d. Environment class

5). The alert log file for a database instance indicates that the checkpoints are frequently failing to complete. Which action would be a remedy in this situation?

a. Increase the number of archiver processes.
b. Increasing the number of members for all log groups.
c. Increasing the number of log writer processes.
d. Increasing the number of database writer processes.
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Hi Ananth,
here is my take.....not too sure...
1) a & b
2) d
3) a, b & c
4) b
5) d

Thanks navneet Re: 1z0-024 questions [message #64729 is a reply to message #64726] Wed, 14 January 2004 01:50 Go to previous message
Ananth K.T
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Thanks navneet ,

I completed the exam with the score 56 outof 57.
If u have any dumps or any documents for 1Z0-026(network administration),can u pls. sent it to me.
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