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Bequeth connections and memory usage in 8i [message #65532] Mon, 18 October 2004 06:44
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I have a system that support upto 125 concurrent users. The server is a 2 CPU L-class HP-UX box, with 2Gb of memory (physical).

The system has a number of perfomance issues. Firstly, I have determined the issues are not within the database itself (have many statspack snapshots over time when users have been complaining, and have have monitored system and session wait events). Whilst some waiting is inevitable in any system, I am happy that the short duration waits I have inside the DB are not the source of the problem.

However, what I have found (using Glance) is that Disk I/O and Memory are......flagging up critical messages. I have identified the filesystems that are the source of the I/O bottleneck, but need to investigate the Memory usage is more depth.

Firstly - what determines the size of a Bequeth database connection in terms of memory usage? The biggest allocation of memory is Users' connection (bequeth) to the database. The database isn't running MTS (dedicated processes). My memory breakdown is:
Sys Mem: 641Mb
Buf Cache: 271Mb
User Mem: 1.1Gb
Free Mem: 5.5Mb

using "UNIX95= ps -e -o vsz=Kbytes -o ruser -o pid,args=Command-Line | sort -rkn1" I can see that user's are consuming roughly 33Mb each per database connection.

So - what determines the amount allocated to a user? Is it a fixed amount, or determined by the amount of info 'stored' by the application to enable a connection to the database? It seems the user connections are being greedy!!

Also - am I right in thinking if the server side connections are bequeth, the use of MTS isn't an option?


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