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Performance tuning [message #65576] Mon, 01 November 2004 20:29
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Hi i need help with these questions

1/ INITRANS is a parameter that indicates the concurrency level of transactions when working inside a db block. Where is this parameter stored?

When and how can this be set/changed?

2/ I can find out if there are any chained rows in my database using the "select name, value from v$sysstat where 'table fetch by continued row';

If the number is not zero then there are rows chained. What I do not know is that which table or tables have this problem?

I am supposed to use ANALYZE TABLE tablename LIST CHAINED ROWS; to find out. But if I have 100 tables,

I do not want to run this command one by one against all my 100 tables. How do I figure out where my chained rows are?

3/ Data cache Read Efficiency (RE) is defined as percentage of data reads satisfied by the cache.

If N is total number of reads issued, M is the number of reads that were done against the disk, then N-M is the number that were satisfied by information in the cache.

Therefore, RE=(N-M)/100%. How do I get these stats? Is there a view that contains this information? Do I have to some type of analysis to get them?

4/ There is also a similar question on Procedure Cache efficiency. How do I get the RE for procedure cache.
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