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Re: 12547 error using bequeath adaptor from sqlplus [message #66186] Mon, 14 January 2002 08:59
Troy Whetherhult
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As per Oracle Meta Link site:

Solution Description:

Either the ORACLE_HOME was moved or copied from another machine.
Because 8.1.X utilizes the oraInventory to hold information about
installed products moving or copying software from one ORACLE_HOME
location to another is not supported.

The correct way to resolve this issue is to use "runInstaller" and
reinstall the products into the new ORACLE_HOME. Also a workaround
would be to do the following:

1) Shut all the instances down in the ORACLE_HOME
2) If the software was copied from another machine be sure to copy
the oraInventory directory structure over. The location of this
directory is pointed to by the "/var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc" file
on the original machine.

3) Make a link from the new ORACLE_HOME to the old location:

% ln -s $ORACLE_HOME <old_location>


ln -s $ORACLE_HOME /u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.6

4) Change to the "rdbms/lib" directory:

% cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib

5) Modify the "nmliblist" file:





In this example the "nmliblist" was changed because the old ORACLE_HOME
was "/u09/app/oracle/product/8.1.6" and the new location is
" /u03/app/oracle/product/8.1.6".

6) Relink all of the Oracle products:

% $ORACLE_HOME/bin/relink all


When Oracle products are installed via "runInstaller" the oraInventory
directory contains the ORACLE_HOME that the products were installed with.
By keeping the oraInventory complete and available subsequent installs
of products and patches will complete normally.

The "nmliblist" file contains the location of the ORACLE_HOME so when
relocating the ORACLE_HOME this file needs to be updated with the correct
location of the "skgxns.o" object file.

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