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sqlcxt error in pro*c code [message #93798] Mon, 27 January 2003 06:52 Go to next message
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I am getting following error during my pro*c code ibbsserver.pc linking.
I am compiling my code using compiler ANSI C++ B3910B A.03.30 on
HP unix.

ibbsserver.pc has two dependencies queryibbs.pc and ibbs_api.pc

Compilation and linking scripts are as follows resp

Compilation Started <ibbsserver>......
/oracle817/bin/proc iname=/usr2/wrk/ibbsserver.pc oname=/usr2/wrk/ibbsserver.c i
reclen=1024 oreclen=1024 DBMS=v7 UNSAFE_NULL=YES CODE=ANSI_C include=/usr2/wrk/
include=/oracle817 include=/oracle817/lib include=/oracle817/precomp/public sqlc
heck=full userid=tfin/india ltype=none

Linking Started <ibbsserver>.....
<aCC -Aa -w -I/usr2/wrk/ -I/usr/bin/include -I/usr/include -L/usr1/smscomn/obj -
ms02.o queryibbs.o ibbs_api.o -o ibbsserver ibbsserver.o -L/oracle817/lib -lsql8
-lclntsh -lcore8 -lm -l:libdce.sl -l:libm.sl -L/usr1/sfms.bom/obj/ -l:ibbsde10.
a -l:ibbsqry10.a -l:ibbssms10.a -l:ibbscom10.a -l:ibbsupdate10.a -l:ibbscustquer
y10.a -l:ibbsdataquery10.a -l:ibbstxnf10.a -L/usr1/smscomn/obj -L/usr1/sms/
obj -l4csms -L/usr1/smscomn/obj -L/usr1/sms/obj -l4csms -lnldap8 -lldapcln
t8 -lnsslb8 -lnoname8 -lntcp8 -lntcps8 -lnsslb8 -lntcp8 -lntns8 -ln8 -lnl8 -lcli
ent8 -lvsn8 -lcommon8 -lskgxp8 -lgeneric8 -lnbeq8 -lnhost8 -lnus8 -lnldap8 -llda
pclnt8 -lnsslb8 -lnoname8 -lntcp8 -lntcps8 -lnsslb8 -lntcp8 -lntns8 -ln8 -lnl8 -
lclient8 -lvsn8 -lcommon8 -lskgxp8 -lgeneric8 /oracle817/lib/libpls8.a /oracle81
7/lib/libplp8.a /oracle817/lib/libpls8.a -ltrace8 -lnls8 -lcore8 -lnls8 -lcore8
-lnls8 -lmm >
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
sqlcxt(void **,unsigned long *,sqlexd *,const sqlcxp *) (first referenced in
queryibbs.o) (code)
Linking Unsuccessful ..

Thanks in advance
Re: sqlcxt error in pro*c code [message #93821 is a reply to message #93798] Wed, 05 February 2003 02:21 Go to previous message
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Check whether u'r having the following library file
orasql8.lib and u have mentioned in link parameters.
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