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Core Dump While using libclntsh lib. [message #93925] Mon, 07 April 2003 01:02
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Hi All,

Pls help me inresolving the core dump issue.

We have a Pro*C program which is a Socket program and has RPC calls through DCE.

If we write Normal c program it runs fine. But since we have to select the data from table it is written in Pro*C now it is giving core dump while running.

The script of precompilation, Compilation and Linking is given below. Pls help me resolving the same.
Precompilation Script.

"/oracle817/bin/proc iname=$1.pc oname=$1.c ireclen=1024 oreclen=1024 DBMS=v7 UNSAFE_NULL=YES CODE=ANSI_C include=/usr2/wrk/ include=/oracle817 include=/oracle817/lib include=/oracle817/precomp/public include=/usr1/soft/smshdr sqlcheck=full
userid=citilnk/india@citilnk ltype=none"


"cc -Aa -V +Z -c -D_PTHREADS_DRAFT4 -D_HPUX_SOURCE $1.c -I/usr2/wrk/ -I/usr1/soft/smshdr -I/usr/include/ -I/oracle817 -I/oracle817/lib -I/oracle817/precomp/public"

Linking script.

"cc -Ac +u1 -g -V -v -L/oracle817/lib -D_AIX_PTHREAD_D7 -DDEBUGCITI -D_HPUX_SOURCE -D_PTHREADS_DRAFT4 -o $1 $1.o -lm -l:libm.sl -l:libdce.sl -l:clntsh"

For normal c program the clntsh is not included.

The operating system is HP Unix 11
The oracle version is 8.1.7

cpp.ansi: HP92453-01 B.11.11.04 HP C Preprocessor (ANSI)
ccom: HP92453-01 B.11.11.04 HP C Compiler
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