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RAC Vs 64 Bit [message #113573] Mon, 04 April 2005 12:34
Sudeep Mohile
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Currently we have an OLTP Db running windows 2000 & Oracle 8i. The main issue we are facing is I/O latency and available memory. Part of the issue is because of the poorly designed DB and application.
While efforts are being made to change the existing design, we are trying to make a call whether to use RAC or 64 for long term scalability. Currently our thinking is that since we are doing lots of full table scan 64 bit will help us more since the large part of the tables can be loaded into the memory thereby avoiding slow I/Os. Also for index scans, we can get large part of indexes in the memory to minimize I/Os. With RAC and small end servers, we would still have 2GB or so per node and this may not buy as the necessary memory.

Any views in this regards will be appreciated.

Also, has anybody tested for 64bit thresholds? My understanding is the performance curve will be something like a bell curve (performance increases with SGA and at some point it either flattens out or degrades)?

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