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how to get network application information? [message #117132] Mon, 25 April 2005 06:02 Go to next message
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Im doing a final year thesis regarding application - application communication in Oracle. I understand that Net8 does this job, but i was wondering how do i view or collect information such as:
- the source IP address, or a reference to it (a registered application user or application server)
- destination IP address or a reference to it (ie - a registered application user or an application server)
- the Transport Layer protocol ( eg transmission Control Protocl, TCP, or User Datagram Protocol, UDP)
- type of application traffic being sent on that flow (eg- signalling or data)
- traffic characteristics
- minimum bandth requirements

I would greatly appreciate if someone can post some links where i can find info regarding this.

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andrew again
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From a connected session, you can look at the contents of v$session:

select *
  FROM v$session
where sid = ( select sid from v$mystat where rownum = 1 );
select 'DB_NAME="'		|| sys_context('userenv', 'DB_NAME') 		||
	'", CLIENT_INFO="'	|| sys_context('userenv', 'CLIENT_INFO')  	||
	'", SESSION_USER="'	|| sys_context('userenv', 'SESSION_USER')    	||
	'", CURRENT_SCHEMA="'	|| sys_context('userenv', 'CURRENT_SCHEMA')  	||
	'", HOST="'		|| sys_context('userenv', 'HOST')     		||
	'", EXTERNAL_NAME="'	|| sys_context('userenv', 'EXTERNAL_NAME')    	||
	'", IP_ADDRESS="'	|| sys_context('userenv', 'IP_ADDRESS')    	||
	'", DBMS_JOB#="'	|| sys_context('userenv', 'BG_JOB_ID')     
from dual;

9iAS and 10g Application Server are both Apache based. Your browser provides some environment ifo to Apache and Apache can pass that to the database to make it available to your database session. If you were using mod_plsql, you could see all the environment info you entering a dummy url which uses that server handler (like http://myhost:port:/pls/dadname/my_dummy_url ). As long as the error handling style is set to debug (PlsqlErrorStyle DebugStyle) in the dads.conf file

You can print all environment info (through mod_plsql gateway) using OWA_UTIL.print_cgi_env procedure or retrieve individual values like this
         HTP.p ('REMOTE_ADDR=' || OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env ('REMOTE_ADDR'));
         HTP.p ('REMOTE_USER=' || OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env ('REMOTE_USER'));
         HTP.p ('HTTP_HOST=' || OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env ('HTTP_HOST'));

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