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ASM & OCFS2 & RAW in a RAC! [message #145461] Thu, 03 November 2005 05:05 Go to next message
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What’s the best combination from the above options to choose in a production environment?
I’ve read the oracle doc and know what files these things support (some ocr, some only data files and etc)
I don't want to just believe the doc! Want to know from all the experts from your own experience what you think is more stable, less troublesome and etc to use with 10gR2

thank you for any advice, comments given!
Re: ASM & OCFS2 & RAW in a RAC! [message #145491 is a reply to message #145461] Thu, 03 November 2005 08:13 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Frank Naude
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This article might help - http://www.orafaq.com/node/66

Best regards.

Re: ASM & OCFS2 & RAW in a RAC! [message #148738 is a reply to message #145461] Sun, 27 November 2005 11:03 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Frankly speaking currently i do not see no combination for a serious production system, especially in 10gR2 :

1) OCFS2 is the only version of OCFS that is supported with 10gR2. Accordng to the oracle support and statements from OTN - OCFS2 still is not supported for production systems. (I tried to install it on SuSE 9 and installer does not recognize OCFS2 as a shared storage)

2) OK - ASM solution should be a good one , but can not be used for ocr or voting disk, meaning that for this kind of files i need raw disk devices or raw partitions and not regular raw logical volumes that are created by volume manager.
Raw disk devices are not so friendly to work with.
a)Once we defined a disk partitions for raw device we can not change it.
b)In order to implement mirroring that is a new feature in 10gR2 i need at least 3 disks ( and not partitions ) for OCR and vote files like : 1 disk for ocr and vote , 2 dsk for ocr and vote and 3-d disk for vote. We can not locate mirrored files on the same disk in a different partitions .
Now it depends on your storage vendor what size of disks you get - in my case the standard size is 7G , that means 21G for OCR and vote files - looks like a lot of space.
c)ASM backup - if you do not use RMAN to backup your DB you should ask yourself how you are going to backup the ASM ?
d)If you are using some other technologies for storage backup like BCV then you should ask yourself how you are going to this with ASM ?
e)If there is some block corruption on system level how system can restore ASM - from storage point of view it is a big raw disk that is not managed by any volume manager.

3)Old solution with RAW devices , works , good performance but after 2 versions history of working with OCFS on Linux starting from 9i i am asking why should we go back to raw devices ???

I had 9i and 10gR1 on Linux with OCFS and it worked fine , now with new release i can not find any combination for a real system.


Re: ASM & OCFS2 & RAW in a RAC! [message #164404 is a reply to message #148738] Thu, 23 March 2006 05:47 Go to previous message
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i am not sure if oracle support ocfs2 offically. but it works great in my enviorment (not production env) when using it on the share storage. i mean i store voting files, OCR & database files all on ocfs2.
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