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Fixed Assets is part of Oracle Financials. Fixed Assets has four main business process: 1. Additions 2. Adjustements 3. Depreciation 4. Retirements

Additions can be of 3 Types - Manual(or Quick), Mass Additions or Details Additions

Manual Additions and Details Additions are entering assets using Application and manually entering information of the Asset.

Mass Addition - Asset details is loaded to Interface table -FA_MASS_ADDITIONS and then loaded to oracle base tables by running Post Mass Additions Program

2 Main Base Tables used: fa_additions_b fa_books

Additional Notes: 1. Period once closed in FA, cannot be reopned. 2. Open Period in FA is different from Open Period in GL 3. To open a period, Navigation> Fixed Assets Manager > Depreciation > Run Depreciation > Select the book name for which u want to close the period enable close period (check box) and Run, hence present open period will be closed and next period will be open 4. Table for Depreciation period fa_deprn_periods

Group Assets These assets have asset type as "Group" Group assets will have member assets. Any changes made to the Group Assets will be reflected on all member Assets. Group assets cannot be copied to other Tax Books. Member assets can be copied. Member assets cannot be deleted using the API "fa_deletion_pub.do_delete" unless their association with Group assets are reverted. Group Assets will have all costs as 0 (Fixed asset cost, original cost, deprn reserve)